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As life progresses forward, whether you are planning a big move or not, it is so necessary to scale down and get rid of many extra things that you don't need any more. Often times, there are still many important belongings that you may want to hold onto but no longer have the space for. If that sounds like you, then the best option for you is to find moving storage to house your extra possessions.

Storage unit companies have various sizes that you can rent from them, from a tiny closet-like space to larger square footage options. The best part of this is that most public storage services are located in a variety of places so that you can find a location near to your home to make it easier on you. This is also a great idea if you are moving and need to temporarily hold some possessions in a self storage facility until your new home is ready for you. This saves you from paying two rents or two mortgages until you are ready to complete your move.

Depending on how many extra items you have, you may want to consider mini storage sheds or even a larger public storage unit for more numerous pieces of furniture. You can help to protect your boxes further by packing well, for instance, packing books flat will protect their bindings, and if your dwelling features a concrete floor, storing them on pallets will protect them from condensation in the floor materials. Books can quickly fill a large packing box and become very heavy, so consider using a smaller box to make them more manageable. When placing your boxes to store, be sure to place the bigger boxes at the back to enable you access without a problem.

Rental storage units will give you a monthly price that is often pretty low if you rent for a longer period of time. At any rate, this is so much more preferable to giving up the payments on two homes when you are in the middle of a transition. Moving storage businesses will be able to work with you and give you storage unit quotes so that you can find out which size will offer you the best price for the right period of time during your move, or if you are just looking to store extra items in a public storage unit while you are downsizing. Think of how many other Americans have been in your situation, needing this type of help, so it is worth looking into.

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